Most frequent questions and answers regarding Soul Realignment™ Readings.

Soul Realignment™ is an Intuitive Healing Modality Created by Andrrea Hess. It is a way of accessing the Akashic Records to unlock our Soul-level potential and clear negative patterns and restrictions at Soul-level. It is different than other healing modalities , because it allows us to gather information from the Akashic Records about who we are at Soul-level and what Divine gifts we were given when we were created by Divine Source. Soul Realignment™ also allows us to gather information reading how we have deviated away from who we are at Soul-level, and therefore we can use this information to understand how we have created the life that we currently have. This information empowers us to make different choices and take new actions in order to live our life according to our Soul’s identity and energetic matrix in real and practical ways.

Think of Akashic Records as an energetic database that contains the entire history of our Soul, all the way back to our origination. These records contain every thought, deed, word, feeling and intent. They have influence on our every day lives, our belief systems, our relationships and our feelings as well as the potential realities that we attract and draw toward us. The Akashic Records are 5th Dimensional in nature, so they are not bound by time and space nor the laws of our current 3 rd Dimensional reality. I access the Akashic Records in a meditative state using a technique developed and taught by Andrea Hess called Soul Realignment.
Some questions will yield lots of information from the Records, while others will yield little or no information – or they won’t yield the kind of information you’re seeking. Here are three guidelines: Avoid questions that start with when. Time does not matter in the Records because the Records are eternal. The records are kept in 5 D where there is no differentiation of time and space. Therefore, asking a predictive question about when something will happen will not give you the answer you are looking for. Avoid questions with yes-and-no responses. Questions requiring yes-and-no answers do not work well in the Akashic Records because the outcome is ultimately up to you. It is determined by your choices and life circumstances. Use questions that answer what, why or how. The questions that work best in the Akashic Records usually begin with what, why or how. Some examples are: “Why am I still in this job / this relationship?” “What do I need to learn in this situation?” “How can I see what I need to see?” It is very important to be aware that if your questions are vague or broad-focused, the information received will also be vague and broad focused. When your questions are more specific, the answers will be as well. As you work within the Akashic Records, you will be guided to ask just the right questions to receive the wisdom and perspective that is for your greatest and highest good.
As was mentioned in the previous answer, the Akashic Records will not tell you your future. Since you have free will and the ability to make various choices, the future is not and cannot be absolute.

The Akashic Records will not tell you what to do or what choices to make. It is very important to remember that we have free will and we are the creators of our Human Experience.  However, you will be given all the information, clarity and perspective that you need in order to make your own best choices that are in alignment to who you are at Soul- level.

I receive information about past lives when there are lessons from that life that your soul is continuing to experience at this time, or there are blocks and restrictions that occurred from negative choices made during a specific past life that you are currently experiencing and perpetuating today.  We will not be focusing on the past life itself, but on the energy of the choices that your Soul initially made during that lifetime that are still being made and are energetically impacting you in the present.


I do not read the Records of anyone under the age of 18 without their parent’s permission.  But with a parent’s permission, I can read a child’s Records and do clearing work.  It is a wonderful gift to know who your child is at Soul-level.


The effects of your session may be felt immediately and/or after days, weeks or even months.  As every session is different, so too will be each person’s experience.  You may experience something very subtle and delayed or quite profound and immediate.  Or you may have both experiences as well as many other variations and levels of experience.  You may feel it emotionally, or physically or mentally – or all of the above.  What you definitely can expect is a “shift”.  And that “shift” may manifest not only in something new that you now do or think or feel, but also in what you no longer do or think or feel.  Just know that by seeing your life from your soul’s perspective, you will be slowly removing the layers of belief that are not you and revealing your soul’s brilliance and who you truly are!

It will resonate and make sense to you. It will feel as if the missing puzzle pieces just fell into the right place allowing you to see your whole life picture clearly. You will feel excited and uplifted during and after our session. Many interesting changes & synchronicities start to occur within the 21 days following our reading such as pain dissipating, relationships improving, or ending, a new job offer, recognizing karmic patterns and choosing to make a different choice – creating a new reality, etc. On rare occasions, some clients feel down for a couple of days, may present with flu-like symptoms, feel tired or have a headache, have a feeling of grief (it’s the saying goodbye to the old self, old reality before the new takes over process) before they feel much better. I strongly suggest taking it easy over the few weeks following the reading allowing the energy recalibrating to take place. 

Only the parent or legal guardian has the authority to request a Soul Realignment™ reading and clearing on behalf of their dependent child or children. Unfortunately, Grand Parents, Aunts and Uncles and other family members do not have the authority to request this, even though they may feel the child would benefit from the process.

Teenaged children aged 16 or 17 have the right to choose whether they wish to have a Soul Realignment® reading done, whether their Parents/Legal Guardians would like them to have it or not! However, if a teenager aged 16 or 17 would like to have this done, then a parent/legal guardian must give their consent, which will be sought by us before a reading can continue. Once the reading is complete, a parent/legal guardian must also be present with them if they visit in person.


Once a person reaches 18 years of age, they no longer need to seek permission from a parent/legal guardian to have a Soul Realignment™ reading done for them.

The Soul Realignment™ Readings can be done via Zoom, a phone call or in person at Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy at 1207 Madison Avenue, Burnaby, BC V5C 4Y4

Yes. There is lots of available street parking.


The fee structure depends on the type of reading you are requesting. A level 1 Soul Realignment™ Reading must be completed prior to a a Soul Realignment™ Reading level 2 or 3 reading. However, you do not have to do a a Soul Realignment™ Reading level 2 prior to requesting a level 3 reading. It totally depends on the guidance you would like to receive. The fee structure is underneath each individual Soul Realignment™ Reading description.

Cancelling a Soul Realignment™ Reading Appointment Please note that we have a 48-hour cancellation policy operating with all of Divine Soul Balance’s Readings and services. ​ Payment for all Soul Realignment™ Readings are due and processed 7 days prior to the appointment. ​ Please email me at bridget@divinesoulbalance.com with less than 48 hours if you need to cancel. Less than 48 hours-notice will result in a rescheduled service and not a refund. Please note that I am generally unable to fill appointments at shorter notice. Therefore, appointments/services that are cancelled with less than 48 hours-notice will only be re-scheduled, not refunded. ​

Yes. Once you have successfully booked an appointment through the online link, you will receive a booking confirmation via email as well as a case history form to fill out via email. PLEASE fill out all forms prior to your appointment. They do not take long and are Required by law. The best time to fill out the forms are as soon as you receive them, so you DO NOT forget. Please fill in the fields as best as you can. The more details and information you provide, the Practitioner is better able to provide you with an effective Soul Realignment™ Reading.


This plan was developed with the goal of reducing the risk of exposure to the virus that causes Covid-19 for both patients and the practitioners within our clinical setting.   In this document we are identifying the actions that the Registered Massage Therapists working at Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy are taking, as well as outlining protocols that all patients at the clinic must adhere to in order to obtain treatment. Our website contains a list of protocols and procedures surrounding interim Covid-19 related policies and procedures. Our booking site has been updated to also reflect basic policies and procedures. www.willingdonheightsmassagetherapy.ca

The overall aim of these protocols is to reduce potential coronavirus transmission by: 

  • Required ongoing self-assessment for signs of Covid-19 related illness in both the patient and the therapist
  • Reducing all physical, non-treatment related interactions amongst all people within the practice environment
  • Outlining Hand hygiene requirements and Avoiding face Touching
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols
  • Appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Meeting professional obligations, particularly related to informed consent and liability insurance




All patients and staff are required to use the Self-Screening Tool prior to booking or attending an appointment. Prior to the first visit, a screening email will be sent out and needs to be returned within 24 hours or your APPOINTMENT WILL BE CANCELLED.

We ask that if you have any signs or symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms or feel sick in any way that you please stay home.  If you are sick within 14 days or even 48 hours before your appointment, please call us to reschedule as we would like you to be fully recovered before coming to our office.  We wish to keep everyone safe and thank you in advance for helping us all to stop the spread.

As required by the CMTBC, the day before your appointment you will be contacted to confirm you Do Not have symptoms. You will receive a MANDATORY COVID 19 Self -Assessment form that has to be filled out to receive Massage Therapy

DO NOT come to the clinic if you have Travelled outside of BC in past 14 days

24 hours prior to each appointment at the clinic, a COVID-19 screening email will be sent to you and needs to be filled in digitally and returned prior to your appointment. If you do not fill in this form prior to your appointment your therapist will contact you, to confirm you are asymptotic and you will be required to go through this form at the time of the treatment. This will unfortunately cut into your treatment time so please fill this in before your treatment.  This is a requirement of the College of Massage therapy of British Columbia (CMTBC) and RMTs have been advised that they are unable to treat patients that have not done this self-assessment.

On your first visit back, an informed consent and screening questions must be filled out in front of your RMT. Subsequent in office visits will be screened verbally.



If you have any of these symptoms DO NOT come into your appointment: Call 811

We ask that if you have any signs or symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms or feel sick in any way that you please stay home.  If you are experiencing any cold and flu symptoms do not make appointments and please cancel appointments if you are sick. Do not come to the clinic if you are symptomatic.  If you are sick before your appointment go online to cancel your appointment or please contact us to reschedule as we would like you to be fully recovered before coming to our office.  All patients can cancel appointments online by logging into their account 24 prior to their appointment. In the event that you need to cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours-notice, please email the clinic or contact your therapist directly. Anyone who is symptomatic is asked to cancel their appointment and if they arrive at the clinic with symptoms, they will be asked to leave the clinic. They will not be able to obtain treatment.

If therapists are experiencing any cold and flu- like symptoms they will cancel all appointments and will not come to the clinic.

ANYONE exhibiting symptoms will be asked to leave the clinic.



Patients are required to sign a new consent to treatment form at their first appointment back. This is to ensure that you are fully aware of the risk of treatments are providing renewed consent at this time. This is only required for this initial appointment. We will rely on verbal consent moving forward. Patients will also be required to sign a liability waiver pertaining to COVID 19 prior to their first appointment. This will only have to be done once prior to the initial visit and on the initial appointment in front of the RMT. If you have any concerns pertaining to the risks of obtaining treatment due to the inability to socially / physically distance during a manual treatment, we request that you refrain from treatment at this time. 



We would like to remind our patients that our RMTs are trained Healthcare Professionals in the use of PPE. All our staff that come within 6 feet or 2 meters of patients will be wearing a mask. As we are unable to social distance during a massage therapy treatment, patients are required to wear a mask as well and are encouraged to bring their own. However, if you do not have a mask of your own, one will be provided for you.

If you wish to wear gloves you may, however you will be required to put on fresh ones after you enter.  There are no outside gloves allowed in the clinic environment.  

Strict hand hygiene protocols will be upheld with 2 sinks available for hand washing with soap and water as well as touchless hand sanitizer pumps at the front of the clinic and in each treatment room. Anyone entering the clinic will be required to wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds as per the CDC, WHO and BC PHO protocols. We have installed touchless faucets and we have touchless hand soap dispensers for your convenience. There are also hand towels by the door to use on the door handle after using the washroom that can be discarded in the bin outside the bathroom door.




Physical distancing has been indicated as the most effective way to control transmission rates. As a result, we have implemented certain social distancing protocols to help in the reduction of transmission rates.  Our therapists will be adhering to social distancing requirements whenever possible. Our therapists will be practicing physical distancing for all non-treatment interactions. During treatments social distancing is not possible and patients will be made aware of those risks prior to treatment. 



Due to the square footage of the clinic space we are presented with challenges pertaining to physical distancing, therefore patients are requested to minimize the amount of time in the common areas of the clinic by arriving at their appointment time. 

Signage will be posted at the entrance of the clinic and within the clinic to assist with communicating expectations such as hand hygiene, physical distancing, reporting illness, occupancy limits and not to enter if they are feeling unwell or in self isolation. 

Our clinic is paperless and contactless and will continue to use digital charting and contactless payment processing 

Our waiting area is no longer to be permitted to be used as a waiting area. It is not permitted due to our new guidelines. We are not allowed to have people sitting in the waiting area for extended periods of time.  We are requesting that patients wait in their vehicles and arrive just a few minutes before your appointment time.

Our waiting room has 2 white plastic chairs for people who arrive early due to transit and are unable to wait outside or in their vehicle.  If there is someone in the waiting area who does not live in your household, we ask that you remain outside until your appointment time. Your RMT will come and let you in. 





There will only be one patient allowed in the room at a time, unless you are under the age of 16 and require a parent/guardian.  Both people attending will be required to fill out the waiver, complete the screening questionnaire and wear masks.


Water will still be provided at this time. All patients are requested to ask for water and not touch the water dispenser to minimize touching of surfaces at this time. Paper cups will be provided.




Patients are required to wash their hands immediately upon entering the clinic with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds as per the CDC, WHO and BC PHO protocols. We have touchless hand soap dispensers for your convenience.

All therapists and staff at Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy will adhere to strict hand hygiene protocols. Therapists will ensure that they are washing their hands with soap and water when entering the clinic, prior to all treatments, post treatments, before and after eating/drinking, handling laundry, after using the washroom and regularly throughout the day.  The RMTs will adhere to the hand washing protocols as outlined by our regulatory body, the BCCDC, WHO and the government.  

We have touchless hand sanitizer pumps available at the clinic and we require all patients to wash their hands when entering and leaving the clinic for a minimum of 20 seconds as per the guidelines set out by the CDC, WHO and BC PHO. 

Hand sanitizer in available in each treatment room and we encourage all patients to use the hand sanitizer after touching any surfaces. Therapists will be using the hand sanitizer in the treatment room as recommended.   



We ask that you attend your appointment on time. This will help to minimize waiting in the clinic waiting room, as the RMTs have staggered appointment times to allow for proper social / physical distancing.

Your appointment time includes any outstanding forms, confirmation of COVID-19 Screening Assessment, treatment assessment, treatment, charting and payment. Therapists will be unable to extend treatment times or accommodate you in the event that you do not show up for your appointment on time. All therapists will be starting and ending appointments on time.  We are attempting to minimize the risk of contact with others. This allows for proper sanitization / disinfecting of the treatment room and various areas in the clinic as well as following social / physical distancing protocols.


After your appointment is finished, we ask that you leave promptly after washing your hands or using hand sanitizer provided in the front reception area. This allows for proper sanitization / disinfecting of the treatment room and various areas in the clinic as well as following social / physical distancing protocols. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping things safe for everyone and for allowing us to continue to serve you!



If you have been outside of the province of BC, please follow the federal guidelines and self-isolate for 14 days.  This applies to patients as well as therapists or staff. We have been advised not to treat any patients that have been outside of the province until 14 days after they have arrived home. If you have been outside of the province or country, please follow the federal guidelines and self-isolate for 14 days.

This unfortunately means that you will have to cancel your appointments at the clinic even if you are asymptomatic. You can resume massage therapy appointments once your 14 days are up. This also applies if a family member that is living with you has travelled outside of the country. If any Willingdon Heights Massage Therapy staff are travelling outside of the country, we will also follow the federal guidelines and self- isolate for 14 days prior to returning to work.



We will continue to adhere to strict standards set out by our regulatory body the CMTBC, RMTBC, WCB, The BC PHO and Fraser Health pertaining to health, safety and cleanliness. All RMTs and staff will adhere to all health, safety and sanitation protocols outlined by the government, our regulatory body and work safe BC. We have always done this in order to protect both our patients and our therapists. We have a very diverse patient base that includes immune compromised patients, auto-immune patients and patients with various health conditions, so we have always maintained strict sanitation policies and procedures in order to accommodate those patients.

Treatment areas will continue to be sanitized between sessions and we will continue to change all linens and follow proper hand washing protocols. We will also continue with our sanitation procedures pertaining to high touch surfaces.

The clinic environment will be regularly disinfected throughout the day as required by our governing body. We will be using approved disinfectants and sanitizers. 

Massage tables, chairs, stools and treatment supplies will be sanitized / disinfected after each treatment. Frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized / disinfected multiple times per day.

Linens, blankets, pillowcases and any other table covering will be washed in hot soapy water after each single use.

Thermophores are no longer allowed; however, we have table warmers underneath a vinyl table protector that can be turned on if you get cold. The vinyl table protector will be sanitized / disinfected after each treatment.


Staff are asked to minimize the use of shared equipment and to disinfect all shared equipment when used. We have minimized these risks by having separate computers in each treatment room. 

All shared equipment will be sanitized during the day after use and disinfected by each therapist at the beginning and end of the day (this includes door handles, light switches, faucets, computer keyboards and screens, phone etc.) 

We have always been paperless, and we will continue to do so. We ask that all patients provide scanned documents (like MD referrals, ultrasound results etc.) through email rather than bringing physical documents to the clinic. 

We have virtual payment processing integrated into our scheduling software to limit the risks associated with payment terminals. 


These requests are in alignment with the Public Health and Provincial Health Directives, and your efforts will help to keep us all healthy and safe. We all have a responsibility to ensure we are limiting possible transmission, and we thank you for doing your part. As the following weeks and months progress, our guidelines will most likely change and need to be tweaked as well. We will continue to put our faith in and listen to the BC PHO, WHO, BCCDC, WCB and CMTBC and RMTBC. Thank you for your understanding and patience during these unprecedented times.

Please remember: Be kind, Be calm, Be safe – Dr Bonnie Henry


ting careful steps to re-open our doors on May 19th, 2020. We are continuing to offer Tele-rehab in the meantime. 

Our first priority is to ensure a safe visit to our clinic. Together with you, we have all worked hard to follow measures to protect public health. This focus




I do not diagnose or treat medical conditions and do not consult or advise about such conditions. Equally, a Soul Realignment Reading / Session does not constitute in any way, shape or form as medical advice. It is the sole responsibility of each individual to seek medical professional care and advice for any medical conditions, from someone who is educated and licensed to do so. I do not bill using Extended Health Benefits.

Please note that all information received for the Soul Realignment™ Readings from Divine Soul Balance is fully compliant with PIPA, the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act. We do not share or sell your information to ANY third party. Your information is collected and stored in order to perform the Soul Realignment™ Reading as well as any future Soul Realignment™ Readings and may be used to send you information regarding any specials or new healing modalities or new Soul Realignment™ Readings that Divine Soul Balance may be offering.