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Soul Realignment Level Up Readings are designed for people that have completed a series of Soul Realignment Level 1, 2 and 3 Readings. It is for those of you that are truly ready to look at your relationship to others, society, money, karma. They can truly empower you to change your life if you are up to the challenge and if you are ready. Each reading also comes with a few support calls  or Zoom check-ins that are designed to not also check in , but keep you accountable and provide support. 


Vital Force Energy vs Discordant Analysis 

This is where you learn the difference between Vital Force Energy and Discordant Energy, how much of each you are using, if you have a deficit and where you are using Discordant Energy and not making Vital Force Energy available to you.

Vital Force Energy is available to all of us in infinite supply, at all times, because it is inherent to all of creation. It is, in fact, the essence of the infinitely abundant nature of our Universe.

As you know, we are not created equally from all qualities of Vital Force Energy. Instead, we are created mostly from one or two qualities of Vital Force Energy, and only from tiny amounts of other 6 or 7 qualities. Our Energy Centers tell us what “kinds” of Vital Force Energy we were created from, which is what you learned from your Soul Realignment Blueprint Level 1 Reading and the Level 3 Expanding the Soul Blueprint Reading.

In order to create, we access the Vital Force Energy that is already available to us in our environment. The types of Vital Force Energy that we can utilize for our creative process are a match for our Energy Centers, and our Divine Soul Blueprint.

Unfortunately, we are not accessing the full resources of Vital Force Energy that are theoretically available to us. If we are to fully understand how to access more Vital Force Energy, we first must understand how and why we are denying ourselves such an important resource! If we’re all built for accessing and utilizing Vital Force Energy to create an infinitely abundant experience … why aren’t we doing so?

Discordant Energy is, ultimately, a finite resource that we can only access through our interactions with other people. We exchange Discordant Energy with one another. This means we must continuously interact, energetically speaking, in order to have this resource available to us. Discordant Energy is made accessible by our human interactions, while Vital Force Energy is freely available throughout all of our circumstances, including our physical environment.

In this reading you will learn how much Vital Force Energy you have access to, how much Discordant Energy you are using and where your Discordant energy exchanges are happening and you will learn how to step out of Discordant Energy Exchanges.

By discontinuing or perpetuating your participation in Discordant Energy exchanges – with individuals, groups OR society in general – you can either change the world as you know it, or keep it exactly as it is.

You must, however, acknowledge that removing yourself from Discordant Energy exchanges is scary. Your survival instincts become very threatened. It is also incredibly liberating, both for yourself as well as others!

It can be challenging for you to give up Discordant Energy exchanges – they make you feel connected, safe, and you largely relate to others through these exchanges.Remember however, human relationship models are currently structured to maximize Discordant Energy exchanges! These exchanges feel nurturing to
you because they do indeed nurture your ability to uphold your negative patterns of choice! And keep in mind, as always, that these negative patterns are not necessarily what you might consider toxic or self-destructive … they are just not 100% aligned to your Divine self-expression. Remember that many Discordant Energy exchanges can make you feel really good and are often socially upheld as the “right” choice.

This reading also includes a few follow up sessions to discuss what changes you have made, what new actions you have taken and how much change you have made to the amount of Vital Force Energy you have available to you. The number of sessions will be based on a case by case basis.

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  Understanding how to Recognize your Karmic Patterns and how to shift them

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Accessing the Akashic Records for Probable Future Outcomes

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