Soul Realignment™ Level 3

(Must have completed the Soul Realignment™ Level 1 Profile Reading and Manifesting Blueprint Reading) and a Level 2 Reading. These Readings are designed to peel away the layers and go deeper with different blocks and restrictions. The greatest benefits are achieved when the information from both levels of readings are used together to aid with the continuation of healing your present and past karmaand living your divinity.

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Soul Realignment™ is one of the most valuable gifts we can give to ourselves and others, clearing our karmic patterns by removing all past life karmic obligations we have accrued through our choices from present and previous lifetimes.

When we go through Soul Realignment™, our soul undertakes a huge clearing process, and all past life karmic obligations that accumulate as blocks and restrictions are energetically removed from our Akashic record which affects our physical being and the way we live our lives. However, we also need to take new actions and steps toward getting rid of our karma in our current human experience at a third dimensional level as well.

However, our soul and physical being can only process so much clearing at any given time, other current life issues that can be created by different blockages and restrictions that are not linked to past life karmic issues may show up.

Level 3 Soul Realignment™ Readings deal with a different layer of issues. Finding and identifying these can help us to integrate the changes from our Level 1 and / or Level 2 Soul Realignment™ Reading(s) into our lives and release any further issues that may have surfaced once we are ready at Soul-Level. These can take the form of various code corruptions at the 3 rd , 4 th or 5 th dimensional level ultimately causing lack in various aspects of our life. The process of Soul Realignment™ has been compared to peeling back the layers of an onion, one at a time. Our souls can only reveal so much information at a time, so that our healing process does not overwhelm us.

Level 3 Soul Realignment™ Readings are available to those that have been through a Level 1 Soul Realignment™ and / or a Level 2 Reading, since the greatest benefits are achieved when the information from both or all readings are used together to aid with the continuation of healing your present and past karma and living your divinity.

 If you would like help integrating the changes from your Soul Realignment™ Level 1 and / or Level 2 Readings into your life, or if you would simply like to know more, here are the details of the services now available. It is not a requirement to have all services, please feel free to choose those that you feel most drawn to at this time.


Soul Realignment™ Level 3 Expanding the Divine Soul Blueprint Reading and Clearing 

In the Soul Realignment™ Level 1 Profile Reading, you learned what your Soul’s energetic qualities were, and now we are going to expand on what your Soul’s energetic matrix looks like, so that you will know exactly the energies your Soul is made out of. We embody all energies to some degree. It’s just that 40 – 50% of most Souls’ energetic matrix is comprised of just one, maybe 2 energetic qualities. This is our primary and / or secondary energy centers of training. You will learn the other 6 or 7 energy centres that your Soul is comprised of and how they are currently representing at your 3rd and 4th dimensional aspect. This allows you to have an idea of how aligned you are to your divinity in real life at this moment in time.

Please note that the energetic matrix is about how our Soul was made by Divine Source. In no way is it preferable to be “balanced” between all energy centers – in fact, each and every Soul has its own unique energetic structure and signature, and it is made perfectly. This is what makes us all unique. Remember that this energetic structure never changes. It is how we were designed by Divine Source at Soul-Level. Our spiritual path as human beings is to align our thoughts and actions to who we are at Soul-level, in order to express our Divinity! 

Also included in your Soul Realignment™ Expanding the Divine Soul Blueprint Reading and Clearing

Included in your Soul Realignment™ Level 3 Expanding the Divine Soul Blueprint Reading and Clearing is the Organizing Principle of your Divine Soul Blueprint Reading and a Chakra Balancing.

(Full Details below)

Organizing Principle of your Divine Soul Blueprint Reading

The Divine Soul Blueprint not only contains information as to what energetic frequencies are contained within our Being, but how these energetic frequencies are organized. The “WHAT” is, of course, our energetic matrix! (energy centers) Our energetic matrix or energy centers are the energetic frequencies that make up our Soul. But we can also discover how these energetic qualities are organized through the Organizing Principles contained within our Divine Soul Blueprint.

Your Soul’s basic organizing principle is how the energies that your Soul is made of was assembled by Divine Source. Your organizing principle is another aspect of our Soul’s Divine design that does not change. It is essential that you give yourself permission to create according to your organizing principle … or you will make yourself very uncomfortable and miserable!! Knowing our organizing principle allows us to create whatever experience of abundance we are willing to create.

With the information you will receive in this reading, I Invite you to try on and incorporate your Soul’s organizing principle into your life, even if you do not resonate with it. It will make you happier, more productive, and allow your Gifts to shine!

Code Corruptions

Code corruptions are small energetic misalignments which create an overall disharmonious energetic statement, one that is not in alignment with the Soul’s evolution in this lifetime. A code corruption may be isolated to one level of the Divine Soul Blueprint, or it may be reflected at other levels – mainly because we sometimes work a code corruption out at one level, but not another.

Energetic Exchange: $150 + 5% GST

Soul Realignment™ Level 3 Life Situation Reading and Clearing 

This reading is for you if you feel you have specific issues you are currently encountering that need resolving, with an understanding and clearing (where applicable), of the root causes behind them, and the energy behind why you are creating theses issues in your life at this time. There can be many things going on in our lives at any given time, sometimes the list seems endless! One thing after another seems to be stacking up and overwhelming us. There are several energetic blockages that can be at the root of seemingly unconnected issues, 10 different things can boil down to 2 or 3 root causes.

Code corruptions are small energetic misalignments which create an overall disharmonious energetic statement, one that is not in alignment with the Soul’s evolution in this lifetime. A code corruption may be isolated to one level of the Divine Soul Blueprint, or it may be reflected at other levels – mainly because we sometimes work a code corruption out at one level, but not another.

We will also do a 3rd Dimensional clearing of various Blocks and Restrictions such as Genetic Karma clearing, Ancestral Vows,Hungry Ghosts, Viral Entities, Negative Unconscious Patterns, Archetypal Blocks and Archetypal Repatterning. 3rd Dimensional Blocks and Restrictions can affect you at the physical body level. Since your body is just a collection of various energetic frequencies, the energy that your body broadcasts to the world in which you live in, determines the physical circumstances you attract. 

Clearing your physical vibrational state will offer you a temporary energetic shift which will make it easier to take new action and do things differently, so that the 3rd Dimensional Clearing will be a permanent to ensure that you will be able to manifest and create new results.

A life situation reading gets to the root of the problems that you are currently dealing with. Many of these issues can be cleared from your record. However, once you are aware of the real reasons you are attracting the situation you are dealing with, you have something solid to focus on and the knowledge to deal with it, so that ultimately you will have the ability to heal the other symptoms manifesting around you in a multitude of ways.

As a requirement for this reading, you will be sent a form on booking which you will need to fill out detailing a description of your current life situation, what you are experiencing, listing as many problems as you feel are contributing to the different aspects going on in your life at this time. Write about as many issues as you can think of, even if you think they are not related.

You will also be asked to set your intention for what you would like to create in your life instead. You may need to think about this, but your intention helps to shape your reading. We are all powerful creators of our own destiny, so there will be energetic root causes to the issues you are currently facing, so knowing what you want to create instead is crucial to moving beyond issues.

Once you have returned the form, the information can be accessed via your Akashic record. So, permission will be needed to continue working in your Akashic record if you have previously had a Soul Realignment™ Level 1 reading.


Energetic Exchange: $150 + 5% GST






Reading the Probable Future in the Akashic Records


Are you trying to attract a new relationship into your life, or increase your income, but you feel stuck or do not see any progress, even when it seems like you are doing all you can to make it into reality? Do you seem to only attract the opposites of what you wish for? Or do you seem to start a project, only to loose a motivation in the process and ending up where you started over and over again?

This reading is designed for you, who have a clear intention what you want to manifest in life, are not afraid to take an action towards it and are willing to step out of your comfort zone in order to bring your dreams into reality.

You can discover if your intention, anything from a new relationship to a new business venture, is in alignment with your current vibrational state and your divine self-expression. You will also discover if the choices which you are currently undertaking are taking you down the right path towards that intention, which gives you also the opportunity to course correct if needed. This can save you a lots of time and energy along the way. You can get an overview what are the possibilities which may help you to manifest your dreams into reality in the shortest possible timeframe, with least amount of the effort.

I will provide you with information about your divinity and what is the best way for you to manifest your dreams into the material world, from energetic perspective. You get to know your divine gifts, your life-lesson and soul specialization.

In order to access your Akashic records I will furthermore need your full current name, the name given to you at birth, your date and place of birth and your permission that I can enter your Akashic records. I will also need from you a short description of following:

1. intention
2. timeframe
3. experience

My accuracy will depend on how you describe your intention, so be as specific and clear as possible, best in few words. I will also need to know what is the experience or goal you would like to achieve, once you manifest your intention. Just that I know what energetic quality I am looking for. For example happiness, financial freedom, peace, love, freedom etc.

You can put it all in this format: “I want to attract a new relationship into my life (intention) within the next 6 months (timeframe). I want to experience a feeling of being loved and supported (experience)”

This reading is designed to be also an ongoing dialog or coaching, where a possible check-ins every few weeks are possible, especially if you have a long-term goal in mind.


Energetic Exchange: $150 + 5% GST



Privacy Policy

Please note that all information received for the Soul Realignment™ Readings from Divine Soul Balance is fully compliant with PIPA, the British Columbia Personal Information Protection Act. We do not share or sell your information to ANY 3 rd party. Your information is collected and stored in order to perform the Soul Realignment™ Reading as well as any future Soul Realignment™ Readings and may be used to send you information regarding any specials or new healing modalities or new Soul Realignment™ Readings that Divine Soul Balance may be offering.